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We believe the simplest way to brighten the appearance of your smile is through teeth whitening.

We offer two types of teeth whitening procedures that will get your smile noticed.

Home Teeth Whitening - £299

The home teeth whitening technique we use involves a clear plastic mould for your teeth making it a perfect fit of the bottom and lower arch. This acts as a device to hold the whitening gel close to the surface of the teeth.

The plastic tray will be provided on the day with training and instructions on how to apply the whitening gel. This technique comes with enough whitening gel for 3 weeks of daily use.

*Subject to clinical suitability for this treatment

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Advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening - £650

This is our most popular teeth whitening technique that shows instant results after just 90 minutes. The treatement is carried out by one of our experienced Dental Therapists. This technique requires us to apply the zoom whitening gels directly on the surface of the teeth and is activated by the Philips zoom lamp.

This process is repeated 4 times as the intense light maximizes each gel circle providing you the quickest and easiest way to whiten your teeth. At the end of the treatment we will provide you with your own set of custom made trays and further whitening gel to continue the whitening process at home to achieve your desired appearance.

Zoom laser whitening is a relaxing procedure that is done in the dental chair while listening to the music of your choice through Bose headphones creating an enjoyable environment to pass the time. It kicks starts the whitening procedure instantly showing results.

*Subject to clinical suitability for this treatment

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Case Review

I had been worried about the colour of my teeth for years, especially one of the front teeth was very grey after an accident.

Dr Kate Stewart listened to my requirements to improve my smile and overall colour. The results are beyond all my expectation.”

Sahdia (Huddersfield)


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