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Hygiene Services at the Fresh Smile Clinic

Our qualified hygienists love making sure your teeth are nice and clean, but that’s not all they do – they are also excellent dental educators and keep a watchful eye on your oral health. They inspect your gums for any signs of disease and also offer potentially life-saving mouth cancer screening.

Benefits of regular visits to our Dentist Huddersfield hygienists?

  • Shiny, healthy looking teeth
  • Overall well-being boosted
  • On-going oral hygiene improved
  • Bad breath banished
Dr Michael Clark BDS MSc

What do our hygienists offer?

Dental hygiene can have a significant effect on the rest of your body too. Poor gum health and periodontal disease have been linked to a number of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, so it pays to see our hygienists regularly and make sure your mouth is as clean as can be.

Dr Michael Clark BDS MSc

Airflow at the Fresh Smile Clinic

A popular treatment with all our regular members, the Dentist Huddersfield Airflow system uses a focused jet of water, air and bicarbonate particles to gently polish away surface stains such as those caused by coffee, red wine and smoking.

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